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Healthy lifestyle, what’s that?

Now that spring is here, and summer is on its way, people start thinking about shedding a few kilos and become healthier.  It is time to change habits!  Most of the time, we are so busy trying to juggle several things at once including family life, career, finances, other relationships and lifestyle.

Sometimes we are so busy taking care of everyone else, that we forget to take time to look after ourselves.  With all the busyness of today’s lifestyle, it often gets put on the back burner or the ‘too hard basket’.  Women especially find that this is the case in their lives.  

Some people use alcohol as a relaxant in the evenings and it is part of their winding down for the day.  They want to drink less and have all the good intentions in the world but find it difficult to make the changes.  They end up repeating the same old habits over and over, every evening and weekends.  Sound familiar?

If you had enough and are ready to make the changes toward a healthier lifestyle, health coaching can help.  Get in touch with me for a chat and we can start working together on the changes you wish to make.  You will notice the difference in your energy levels, improved concentration and new improved habits that are sustainable.  

Stay well, be healthy,


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